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Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative

New initiative to combat counterfeiting and piracy.



Crime Stoppers has partnered with several companies and law enforcement to combat counterfeiting and piracy. This new initiative increases public awareness, education, and provides communities with the means to anonymously report counterfeiting and piracy.



Power 106 FM Crime Stoppers PSA's: Counterfeiting and Piracy





Crime Stoppers Case Files: Counterfeiting and Piracy Sneak Peak



Crime Stoppers Case Files: Counterfeiting and Piracy Sneak Peak Part 2





Crime Stoppers Case Files: Counterfeiting and Piracy

(True Religion Jeans)





Counterfeiting and Piracy: Criminal Street Gangs


Counterfeiting and piracy crimes within Los Angeles County are a growing problem. It’s important for the public to understand the effects that counterfeiting and piracy has on their community. Violent criminals are entering the counterfeit merchandise sales market. The penalties are much lighter than traditional crimes such as drug dealing. The profits from counterfeit merchandise sales can be higher than drug sales profits. Because of this, street gangs and other violent criminals are using their violent culture to move into this illegal market.






Counterfeiting and Piracy: Funding Terrorism


It is not only local street gangs that are involved in counterfeiting and piracy. Terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Al Qaeda have also been known to sell and distribute counterfeit merchandise to fund terrorism.






Counterfeiting and Piracy: 2013 Holiday Bill Board Campaign


Crime Stoppers has strategically placed bill boards near high risk shopping areas in the Cities of Vernon, South Gate, Carson, Compton, Santa Fe Springs, and Bassett. The bill boards will educate and warn consumers about the dangers of purchasing counterfeit products.








Crime Stoppers Case Files: Counterfeiting and Piracy

December 2013




Please help us combat counterfeiting and piracy. Crime Stoppers relies on donations to fund the program and pay rewards for tips leading to arrest. All Crime Stoppers donations are tax deductible.








For additional information on counterfeiting and piracy, visit the web site of Investigative Consultants. Investigative Consultants operates the largest network of trained and experienced private investigators that specialize in intellectual property investigations and enforcement.

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